Your Home May Be Colorful. But Not as Colorful as This Home in India

Photo credit: Fabien Charuau
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27 years ago, Srila Chatterjee and Mahesh Mathai walked into an apartment in a 1904 Indian colonial building in a historic Mumbai neighborhood - and they knew within minutes it was exactly where they should be. The space in a building once called a castle because of its tower had been sloppily divided into four separate apartments. Filmmaker Mathai and interior designer Chatterjee, who owns lifestyle website Baro Market, weren't put off. They tore down foreign walls that opened the room and paved floors that had been damaged by a leaky roof. Ten years later they added an outside terrace.
Photo credit: Fabien Charuau
The house's lush decor has grown organically in a similar manner, as pieces have accumulated from near (ceramic tiles from Jaipur, antiques from Mumbai's thief market) and distant (a carpet from Morocco, a pendant lamp from Turkey).
Photo credit: Fabien Charuau
"My home reflects my upbringing - myself and what I believe to be true to," says Chatterjee, who grew up in Calcutta. This unwavering authenticity has made her home even more comfortable at a time when India was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. "This is a time to reset and think about how we can make our lives more local," she says. "Design has to answer honest questions about how you really feel about something, rather than just chasing it because it's the right thing to do."
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