What Have Def Leppard Been Hiding in Their Closets? Band Opens Up Its ‘Vault’

When the members of Def Leppard realized they wouldn't be exploring the world on the Stadium Tour last year, they decided to hit the back of their closets instead. A new online museum they called the Def Leppard Vault (a nod to their 1995 greatest hits, Vault) collects images of artifacts from the group's 40+ year history and commentary from the band.
"After months of rummaging through our personal rock and roll closets (and warehouses, no less!), We're bringing you our story," frontman Joe Elliott said in a statement. "Our historic vault is constantly being updated with rates you may have seen with some gems. I promise you have never heard or seen anything!" It's a real backstage pass for any Def Leppard or Rock & Roll fan! Please ... come in and walk this path! "
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The Vault's current gallery offerings include a collection of photographs (pun intended) from across the band's history, a thorough compendium of Leppard brand T-shirts and a look at the mysterious “Don't Ask” shirts the band wore beforehand the release of Hysteria (“When's the record coming out?” Elliott points to the jersey), the musicians' favorite battle jackets (and supplemental audio files from the group), and the band's song-by-song director's comment on the original Vault tracklist .
There's also an "Artifacts" section, including memories of playing in the round on the Hysteria tour, the band's private planes, Phil Collen's favorite guitars, and commentary on Collen and guitarist Steve Clark's escapades in Paris. Def Lep fans will also get an area to showcase their own extensive collections of memorabilia. Def Leppard's band members promise to regularly update the vault for years to come.
In the meantime, the band is hoping to go on the stadium tour again this summer. Depending on the state of the world, the hike begins in Nashville on June 19 and lasts through September. Collen recently said he was looking forward to the tour with one caveat. "I am very confident that the vaccine will be rolled out," he told the Jeremy White Podcast (via Blabbermouth). “It's the same all over the world. You say,“ Hey, are you coming to this and that? ”Well, I don't know if we're allowed to travel, and if we're allowed on the plane or even in this country. So it looks good - or not. We really don't know. It really depends on how everyone deals with this pandemic. "
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