Watch: Purdue loses to Minnesota on the worst pass interference call ever

There are times when teams lose and take responsibility for the loss and they really don't have a point. After all, there are many things that can be lost. But there are other times when you can point absolutely positively to an executable as a reason, and all you have to do is wonder what in the world are the zebras watching, because it certainly isn't the game.
In their 34:31 loss to the Minnesota Golden Gophers on Friday, the Purdue Boilermakers left the field with such a feeling. With 58 seconds in play, quarterback Jack Plummer hit Payne Durham for a 19-yard touchdown on a corner route.
The problem was, the referees didn't see it that way. Flags were flying for some reason, Durham was penalized for offensive passing interference and the touchdown was taken off the board. Plummer threw an interception the next game, and the game was practically over.
Gil Brandt, the legendary NFL executive who pretty much invented modern scouting, put it very clearly and was one of many on Twitter to do so.
Bonus points for the Purdue social media folks. Unfortunately, nobody could stop the count.
“Refs called. We had to finish the game, ”said Phillip Howard, Minnesota defender who fought with Durham in the game.
That's about all you can say when you profit from one of the worst calls ... as always.
"You know what I'm thinking," said Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm after the game. "I can't really comment on it. It's part of the game and we have to move forward, but yeah, I didn't like it at all.
“I wish I could comment on what I'm really thinking. We send calls [to the Big Ten] and sometimes they agree, sometimes they don't. I don't have the repetition and can see it. All I know is that there was a [Minnesota] touchdown at the start of the game, roughly in the same area as the slot receiver. He gave a little nudge and they didn't name that.
"I just stop there. A big score at the end and it gets called back. I think we had a penalty."
Yes ... we suspect they had a sentence, but we're still looking for actual evidence.

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