Warren Moon says QB Deshaun Watson is handling Texans front office situation the right way

Warren Moon played for the Oilers from 1984 to 1993 and is very familiar with the Houston sports scene. He believes Deshaun Watson is coping quite well with the Houston Texans fiasco.
The Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback attended "The Jake Asman Show" on SportsMap Radio on Wednesday to talk about the state of affairs for Texans.
"I think Deshaun is doing the right thing now, just getting away and going on vacation and just thinking about things," said Moon. "I'm sure he has his advisors to talk to about the situation. The good thing is that he's not trying to fight this problem in the media. He's keeping things to himself."
Aside from a cryptic tweet Watson posted on Jan. 5, Watson has not been heard in the media. It has been reported that he won't take the Texans' calls, but the three-time pro bowler is also enjoying a well-deserved break after a 4-12 season in which the coach has played four and his number 1 receiver with five games remaining blocked.
Ultimately, according to Moon, the best Texans, including chairman and CEO Cal McNair, general manager Nick Caserio and executive vice president of football business Jack Easterby, will have to sit down in the same room with Watson and ditch the quills.
Said Moon: "They all have to go to the same room to find out where we're going from here and what damage they've done. Deshaun may need to be excused for not being accepted into the general manager's hiring, and then we have to continue from there. That is the first thing that has to happen: communication has to happen. "
What raised the fear of Texans fans on a scale from 1 to 10 to 11 is the lack of communication between Watson and the organization. The team needs to be on the same page with their franchise quarterback to complete the last major off-season hire: coach.

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