‘WandaVision': What You Need to Know About Episode 8’s Insane Mid-Credits Scene

(This article contains major spoilers for "Previous On", the eighth episode in the Marvel series "WandaVision")
Well that sure was a doozie. For the penultimate episode of "WandaVision" on Disney + we got a kind of lore dump when Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) took a trip through the past of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). One of the greatest things we learned was that Wanda was actually NOT using the body from S.W.O.R.D. stole.
SWORD. It turns out that director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) lied to Monica in order to paint Wanda the villain - he showed her video of Wanda breaking the glass in the laboratory and descending into the bay, and used it to crack a fake story weave.
So it looks very much like Hayward himself is the real bad guy here. Especially after this bonus scene we got during the credits.
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In this bonus scene we see S.W.O.R.D. has special plans for Vision's corpse, which they reassembled without the Mind Stone in his head. He is now completely colorless - not only washed out like his corpse, but completely without color.
And it looks like they brought it back to life, using energy they gathered with a drone from Wanda. Exactly what Hayward is up to with it is anyone's guess, but it doesn't appear that he has peaceful intentions.
The big question now is what this new white vision will look like. And the Marvel comics - specifically a series of "West Coast Avengers" from the 1980s - give us a pretty solid indication of what to expect.
In the comics, vision is based on the brain patterns of a man named Simon Williams, better known by his superhero alias Wonder Man (I know, I know). In West Coast Avengers, some villainous government agents acting at the behest of the future villain Immortus conquer Vision and take him apart.
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But then the Avengers bring him back and Hank Pym builds him up again. But Williams didn't want his brain to be copied again. When Pym reactivated Vision - colorless due to damage to its outer shell - he lacked the emotion that made Vision who he was.
From then on, things get really tangled, so it almost certainly won't happen on "WandaVision" since we only have one episode left. But this vision eventually regains its personality. And then he's forced to swap bodies for anti-vision - basically an alternate universe version of vision. So our vision ended in another universe while anti-vision was in the white vision body on earth.
Eventually, of course, they fight and the true vision wins.
It is tempting to point out the many possibilities here with Anti-Vision and Immortus. Especially since Immortus is better known by a different name: Kang the Conquerer, who will be played by Jonathan Majors in the next film "Ant-Man and the Wasp".
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But "WandaVision" has so far only refused to deal with Multiverse. That doesn't mean we won't get a big reveal about it in next week's finale, but it would be unreasonable to expect Marvel to dive very deeply into all of that at the same time they are making the Multiverse official. There would be just too many new things for the audience to study.
Plus, the MCU is traditionally more about taking inspiration and aesthetics from the comics than about adjusting storylines. With that in mind, I expect that the white vision will simply be a vision devoid of humanity. An actual robot that approaches things very clinically and has no real morals.
And I think when Wanda hits this new vision, she will somehow fill him (after they fight) with his old personality. That is, Vision will be back, although without the Mind Stone it won't be quite the same. And it might be more like a Vision Jr in the sense that it would be a restoration of the vision rather than a revival of the old vision. It'll just depend on how much of him is in the body and how much was in the stone, as they discussed in Wakanda in "Avengers: Infinity War".
Seriously, I wouldn't look at these comics to help you guess what's going to happen in the "WandaVision" finals beyond those more surface elements. They may piss off Kang's involvement or something, but this show just didn't lay the foundation for crazy multiverse stuff.
So when we finally get a multiverse reveal in the "WandaVision" finals, I wouldn't expect it to go too deep straight away.
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