Viral Trump Town Hall Voter Who Complimented His 'Beautiful Smile' Says She Is Actually Voting for Biden

A Florida woman who went viral with President Donald Trump on Thursday night at NBC City Hall and complimented him on his "beautiful smile" will still vote for his rival, Democratic candidate Joe Biden.
"I have to say you have a great smile - he does," Paulette Dale told Trump when it was her turn to ask a question at the event filmed at the Perez Art Museum in Miami.
"You are so pretty when you smile," said Dale.
The brief exchange quickly spread on social media. But it seems that Dale, who lives in the Miami area, said something else about Trump's behavior: that he should smile more and talk less.
In an interview with the Miami New Times after City Hall, Dale said Trump "steps in every time he opens his mouth".
"I wish he would smile more and talk less," she said, "I think the man has a nice smile. However, I'm not a fan."
According to the New Times, she will vote for Biden during Florida's primary election starting Monday.
Evan Vucci / AP / Shutterstock Savannah Guthrie at NBC News Town Hall with President Donald Trump on Thursday
CNBC President Donald Trump at NBC News Town Hall on Thursday
At City Hall, Dale, a 68-year-old retired college professor, had asked Trump a question about the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, which protects some immigrants from deportation if they entered the country illegally as children.
"As the daughter of immigrants who fled Eastern Europe because of religious persecution, US immigration policy is very personal to me," Dale said on NBC. “Polls show that most Americans and the majority of Republicans support the Dreamers program. So my question for you, Mr. President, is this: If you are elected to a second term, you expect to see your previous efforts to cut back Continue DACA program? "
"We're going to take care of DACA ... it's working right now. We are negotiating various aspects of immigration and immigration law ... We are working very hard on the DACA program and I think you will be very happy over the next year because I think the same way you do, "said the President, without giving a firm answer to the question.
Dale, identified by presenter Savannah Guthrie as a registered Republican who "leans slightly on Biden," didn't immediately return calls from PEOPLE despite her husband saying she's actually a Democrat who hasn't gotten to hers Change voter registration.

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