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As the world watches the fourth season of The Crown, there's one character that Twitter keeps wondering about. Of course, there's Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) and her tumultuous marriage to Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor). Gillian Anderson also made her sparkling debut as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In the third episode of the season, "Fairytale", however, another surprising scene stealer appeared.
At the very beginning of the lively episode, which includes Charles' suggestion to Diana and a glimpse of her iconic wedding dress, a mouse can be seen racing across the floor of Windsor Castle. The brief cameo takes place just a few meters from the Queen Mother (Marion Bailey), just before the daughters Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) and Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) join her. Nobody notices the rogue rodent and it doesn't matter in the entire episode. And yet it is hard to believe that the clearly visible mouse goes unnoticed as it scurries right in front of the camera.
When a Twitter user pointed this out, The Crown's official account confirmed the mouse and tweeted, "Outstanding guest actor in a drama series?"
There have been unwanted guest stars before - like the Starbucks Cup at Game of Thrones and the black water bottle with water flask in a Little Women scene. But considering how prominent the mouse is in the picture, this feels more intentional. In the past, characters have noticed how the palace districts leave much to be desired, from Prince Philip (Matt Smith) in The Crown's first season to Jackie Kennedy (Jodi Balfour) in the second. As viewers will see in the fourth season, the security of the palace is so neglected that a random man breaks into the queen's bedroom without much difficulty.
Unfortunately, until the cradle of Creator Peter Morgan, we may never know whether the mouse was a welcome guest or an unruly intruder. There hasn't been a livelier rodent on screen since Ratatouille.
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