Video catches Lamar Jackson admitting he flopped on penalized hit from Bengals' Carlos Dunlap

Lamar Jackson is already one of the most threatening players in the NFL with the ball in hand, but that doesn't mean he won't practice any kind of cunning if he can.
With 17-0 towards the end of the first quarter on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson took the ball and rolled to the sideline. After removing a Cincinnati defender from play, Jackson tossed the ball and met Bengali veteran Carlos Dunlap.
Lamar Jackson gets brutally honest about the flop
Lamar Jackson used some fraud against the Bengals. (Photo by Todd Olszewski / Getty Images)
How dirty this hit was may depend on your point of view. On the one hand, Dunlap's contact with Jackson was limited to a single hand on Jackson's shoulder. On the other hand, Jackson had clearly reached the sidelines and flown after contact.
The officials thought the hit was dirty. An unnecessary harshness penalty was imposed on Dunlap, which put the ravens on the Bengals' 31-yard line and obliterated an ineligible receiver penalty for ravens. The Ravens eventually scored a touchdown on the ride.
It was just a break in a game full of games for the Ravens, but a Jackson microphone was heard as he admitted it was made shortly after the game:
"He didn't do s ---. I tried to flop," Jackson said to the laugh of his teammates.
Obviously, a flop has not swung a game in which the Ravens won 27-3. It could be another thing to be aware of when defending Jackson.
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