Unemployment: Stay-At-Home Order Starts Tonight With No Stimulus In Sight

Southern California has never looked more bleak on the way to Thanksgiving weekend.
A state and local stay home order goes into effect tonight, but exempts film and television production workers. Still, many of these people are still unemployed after the spring shutdown, and the already ailing ancillary businesses they support will be further damaged by another round of restrictions.
The bad news is that unemployment benefits are increasing and other programs set up in March with the CARES law will expire by the end of the year. A study published this week says 12 million people will lose their federal and state unemployment on December 26th.
There have been discussions about a new stimulus package since before election day, and while at times it looked like the partisan gaps were narrowing, it is unlikely that anything will happen without a major shift in position. The final conclave was held on Thursday, but it was reportedly more about funding to prevent the federal government from closing on December 11
A poll released earlier this week by Two Good Yogurt by market research firm OnePoll found that 4 in 10 Americans report having experienced food insecurity for the first time during the pandemic. Around half of the 2,000 respondents say they have difficulty getting food. 37% skip meals to support their children. The food banks in the area report that their resources, which have never really been flushed, are coming under pressure due to further layoffs triggered by the next shutdown loom.
This makes the look of California Governor Gavin Newsom's recent maskless dinner at the expensive French laundry restaurant and the decision of more than half a dozen California lawmakers to attend an annual conference at a luxurious Hawaiian resort, all worse.
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