Trump news - live: President rants at rally as revelations of his ‘astounding’ dishonesty emerge from ex-chief of staff

US President Donald Trump refused to denounce QAnon on Thursday at NBC Town Hall (AP)
Donald Trump returned to the campaign after his NBC town hall to refer to the Today Show host Savannah Guthrie as "totally insane" when she attempted to host the event where she told the President "someone's crazy uncle" called.
Trump called Joe Biden, head of an "organized crime family," and Hunter Biden followed his famous father to "suck up" millions of dollars to enrich the family.
The chatter was held at a senior citizen event in Florida where Trump promised that the elderly would be the first to line up for a coronavirus vaccine, and would also receive the experimental treatment given to the president for free, which is part of that caused him to wake up and ask, "Who can I fight today?".
• US Election News - Biden maintains double-digit lead over Trump as Obama warns he "will be close".
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