Trump is reportedly just going up to people and asking if they want a pardon

President Trump has been asking his friends, aides and staff in the past few days if they would like pardons - even those who have not faced charges, a senior government official told the Washington Post.
In one case, the official said, Trump offered a pardon to a person who turned down the chance at pardon, saying they had no legal problems or committed any crimes. "Trump's answer was, 'Yeah, well, but you never know. They'll follow us all. Maybe it's not a bad idea. Just let me know,'" the officer said.
Trump has shown keen interest in pardoning people, the Post reports, and even phoned families to tell them personally that he granted a pardon. A person familiar with the matter told the Post that Trump had been prevented from pardoning himself, family members and controversial figures like Rudy Giuliani. An aide said there was also a brief discussion of possible pardons in connection with the January 6 attack on the Capitol, but that idea went nowhere.
While Trump has held some ceremonial events in the past few weeks, journalists have been kept away from the White House, largely because the president "is simply not in a place where they would do well," an official told the Post. Trump is always freaking out, said another government official, speaking about his future but wasn't sure where he will be. "He goes between," Well, I'm going to go to Florida and play golf, and life is honestly better. "And the next moment it's like," But don't you think there's a chance to stay? '"said the official. Read more on the Washington Post.
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