Trump 'Came After Our Family,' Says Alexander Vindman's Angry Wife In A Lincoln Project Ad

President Donald Trump "followed our family," the disgruntled wife of decorated Iraq war veteran Alexander Vindman said in a dramatic new political ad on Friday.
"The first time I felt threatened was shortly after Alex testified" against Trump at the impeachment hearings late last year, Rachel Vindman revealed in the ad for The Lincoln Project and VoteVets. This was the case despite the fact that her husband risked his life in combat and was seriously injured in a bomb explosion.
"The most powerful man in the world came after our family," she said of Trump. "But what happened to us can happen to anyone."
Vindman, then Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, moved the audience in his opening speeches before testifying at the November 2019 hearings when he made a statement assuring his father, “Dad ... don't worry, I'll be fine go when I'm telling the truth. ”
Vindman testified that on a phone call more than a year ago, Trump tried to use US military aid to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to come up with filth that Trump could use against Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden.
Vindman, then head of the European Affairs Division of the White House National Security Council, listened to the calls between the presidents as part of his work. "I suspected it was illegal, but I knew it was wrong right away and it was my duty to report it," he told NBC News last month.
He told The Atlantic that he found it "repulsive and un-American" for a US president to "try to put up a leg by pressuring a foreign leader to get filth on a rival politician."
The Vindman family have received "thousands of letters in support" of their husband's testimony, Rachel Vindman said in the ad. "America is so much better than Donald Trump."
But she warned, "It may cost this nation so much more in four more years."
The ad ends with a recording of Alexander Vindman's last line of his opening speech at the impeachment hearing: "Here's the thing."
Just three months after his testimony, Vindman was expelled from his position as National Security Council because he believed it was an order directly from Trump and he was viciously escorted from the White House.
Trump has insulted and slandered Vindman for what the combat vet called a "campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation" that "destroyed" his career in the armed forces. Vindman retired from the military in July after serving 21 years in the army.
Vindman has called Trump's Russian President Vladimir Putin a "useful idiot" serving the interests of the Kremlin.
Trump was charged by the House of Representatives, but the Senate voted against his impeachment in February without a hearing.
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