Trump Administration Turns Down California's Request For Wildfire Disaster Assistance

The Trump administration this week abruptly denied California's request for state disaster relief to help residents affected by the Creek fire and a host of other devastating flames that have ravaged the state.
State officials received a denial letter that did not include an explanation for the rejection, a spokesman for the Governor of California's Office of Emergency Services said Thursday. The state plans to appeal.
The Trump administration previously approved similar requests for other forest fires, despite partisan President Donald Trump threatening to cut aid to the democratically-ruled state.
Trump routinely questioned the science behind the worsening fires in California. According to experts, fires have gotten bigger and more frequent in recent years, along with extreme heat and drought due to climate change. But Trump has repeatedly denied the role of climate change.
“It's getting cooler. You're just watching, ”Trump told state officials while on a trip to investigate the fire damage last month. "I don't think science really knows."
Trump has also repeatedly accused California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) that the state has poor "forest management" and has to get rid of "exploding" trees.
"When trees fall, they get very dry after a short time - really like a match ... and they can explode," Trump said last month. "Also works. Once you've dried leaves on the ground, it's just fuel for the fires. "
Many of the largest fires in the state occurred on government-administered land.
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