TikTok users blown away by prescient 2003 ‘Chappelle's Show’ segment: ‘Way ahead of its time’

Dave Chappelle received a lot of recognition in 2020.
His Netflix special 8:46 was one of the most watched YouTube videos of the year. Chappelle also hosted Saturday Night Live and saw his popular comedy show added and then removed by Netflix.
Now TikTok users want to acknowledge Chappelle for another, strange achievement: the invention of "Carpool Karaoke".
The celebrity, vehicle-based show is usually hosted by James Corden as part of the Late Late Show, but now social media users claim the idea was "stolen" from Chappelle.
As evidence, several TikTokers shared a 2003 clip of "Chappelle's Show". In the video, Chappelle and rapper Yasiin Bey (known at the time as Mos Def) drive together in a car while Bey raps to one of his songs.
“That was broadcast in 2003 !!! Somebody pays the man, ”user @bliss_blunts signed his video of the footage.
The clip has been online for years and has always sparked a debate about how similar the two concepts really are.
As many TikTok users pointed out, Bey only raps on his own song, while “Carpool Karaoke” candidates often sing songs by other artists as well. In addition, Corden normally takes part in "Carpool Karaoke" - while in 2003 Chappelle seemed content to just watch.
"This is a track that inclusion in the car is cool, but not an invention," wrote one user.
Nevertheless, other TikToker praised the segment "Chappelle's Show", which they called "far ahead of its time".
"It is very surprising to Gen Z that something was invented before they saw it for the first time," wrote one user.
"My thoughts just looking at it," wrote another of the claim that the idea was "stolen".
It is impossible to prove that "Carpool Karaoke" was actually inspired by Chappelle. In reality, James Corden may really love singing in the car.
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