Thousands Join Nationwide Women's Marches To Protest Barrett Supreme Court Nomination

Thousands of people - some dressed as The Handmaid's Tale cover girls - took part in demonstrations in Washington, DC and hundreds of other cities across the country on Saturday to protest President Donald Trump and his appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court .
The Republican-led Senate is slated to hold its first vote to confirm Barrett next week, less than two weeks before the general election. Democrats have been vehemently opposed to Barrett's endorsement, characterizing the hasty efforts to install Barrett as a GOP takeover.
Women dressed as maids protest against Donald Trump's presidency on Saturday. (Photo: Paul Morigi via Getty Images)
Critics fear that Barrett's confirmation of the overthrow of Roe v. Wade and could lead to the loss of health insurance for millions of Americans.
"Women are threatened in a world where a Christian theocracy threatens to take over," protester Kelsey Weir told the Washington Post, referring to Barrett's leadership position in the Christian group People of Praise. “This is the crisis for our world. So many things will decide for women in the next few weeks. "
The organizers of the women's march said more than 116,000 people across the country pledged to take part in marches or other activities, including virtual events, on Saturday.
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