This State Just Confirmed It Has Its Own, More Contagious COVID Strain

Shortly after we learned about the UK COVID strain, other mutations emerged, most of which so far came from South Africa and most recently from Japan. However, American researchers just announced that they have found two new variants that they believe originated in the United States and were both discovered in Ohio. Scientists in Buckeye state even say that one of the variants has already become the dominant strain in Ohio's largest city. "Viruses mutate naturally and evolve over time, but the changes in the past two months have been more pronounced than in the first few months of the pandemic," one of the scientists involved in the research said in a statement.
For more information on the New Ohio Tribes, please continue reading. For another warning about mutating the virus, see Dr. Fauci. This is what "bothers" about a new COVID strain.
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Ohio researchers have just discovered two new strains of COVID.
Young team doing coronavirus research
Scientists at Wexner Medical Center and the College of Medicine at Ohio State University have been performing genome sequencing in patients with COVID-19 since March 2020 to monitor the development of the virus. On Jan. 13, they issued a statement to announce that they had discovered two new strains of COVID, likely originating in the United States. But one seems to be more worrying than the other so far. It is already the dominant variety in Columbus, Ohio, and is called the "Columbus variety" by scientists.
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The Columbus tribe became the dominant tribe in the city after just a few weeks.
Cityscape photo of downtown Columbus, Ohio
The Columbus tribe, known as COH.20G / 501Y, quickly became the dominant COVID tribe in Columbus, Ohio over a period of three weeks in late December and early January around the holidays. According to the researchers, similar to the British strain, "the mutations in the Columbus strain will likely make the virus more contagious and make it easier for the virus to travel from person to person."
The main difference between the British strain and the Columbus strain is that they have three more gene mutations, according to the report, "not previously seen together in SARS-CoV2". Lead author Dan Jones, MD, PhD, vice chairman of the division of molecular pathology at Wexner Medical Center, said these mutations represent "a significant evolution" of the virus that is different from the other new variants that are making the rounds. "We know that shift didn't come from the UK or South African branches of the virus," Jones said.
To see what else the experts have to say about the British variant, check out Dr. Fauci who just made this scary prediction about the UK strain of COVID.
The other new Ohio strain has a mutation that is identical to the British strain.
two researchers hold blood vials
In addition to the Columbus tribe that covers the city, Ohio researchers have also found another new variant in an Ohio resident, so they don't yet know how widespread this mutation is. "The new variant carries a mutation that is identical to the British strain, but likely occurred in a strain of the virus that is already present in the US," the statement said.
To see where the British strain has been identified so far in the US, see the new COVID strain is now in these 12 states.
The researchers are studying how these new strains affect the vaccines and other treatments.
Medical researcher in the coronavirus laboratory looking into the microscope
"The big question is whether these mutations make vaccines and current therapeutic approaches less effective," said Dr. Peter Mohler, study co-author and Vice Dean for Research at Ohio State College of Medicine. "At this point in time, we have no data to suggest that these mutations will affect the effectiveness of the vaccines currently in use. ... We need to assess the effects of mutations on the transmission of the virus and the prevalence of the strain in the Understand population and whether it has a greater impact on human health. "
The researchers said the full results will be released shortly, but have not yet been peer-reviewed.
CNBC reports that Jason McDonald, a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said the agency would review the research. To see if you are safe from any of these new strains in question, read Dr. Fauci. He just said that these people may be safe from the new strain of COVID.

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