This Garage-Built Trans Am Will Be A Hot Wheels

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For many, a 1970 Pontiac Trans Am is a dream muscle car that must be fully stocked and stored for future generations. Riley Stair thought differently and had a vision of something even more exciting and unique. After turning the American classic into something, his trip has resulted in a unique honor as the muscle car is now immortalized as the Hot Wheels toy.
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According to Stair, it took him just under two years to complete construction, which is pretty dramatic. On top of that, he did all of the work in his house, impressive evidence of the claim that you don't need access to a professional shop to make a cool custom car.
You may think this Pontiac Trans Am looks familiar. It was unveiled at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. You may have seen it there, although it has been seen everywhere since then.
The list of adjustments made to the 1970 Trans Am is long, as you can clearly see in the first few photos. All custom body shells were handcrafted, a process that had to be tedious but still pays off. The LSX V8, tuned to the utmost, has a speed of 10,000 rpm and a little more than 800 hp on the rear wheels. There is a fully TIG welded tube housing to provide the torsional rigidity required for all of this performance.
Photo credit: YouTube
Despite all of the work in this vehicle, Stairs says it's not quite finished. The man tries to get that little bit extra and get it as close to perfection as he thinks possible. You have to admire his commitment.
Originally, this building was supposed to be a road racing car. It's definitely an extreme vehicle, something that Hot Wheels likes to profile. So it's easy to see that it won the Hot Wheels Legends competition. Look for it to be available in the near future if you want to add it to your collection.
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