These are the cars with the best and worst depreciation after 5 years

The average new vehicle sold in America loses almost half of its original value after five years of operation. No surprise there; We all expect this shiny new car to lose value as soon as we drive it out of the parking lot. However, some vehicles depreciate much faster than others. According to, trucks and truck-based sport utility vehicles generally hold their value better than other types of vehicles, with the Jeep Wrangler - in both the four-door Unlimited and standard two-door - and the Toyota Tacoma sitting at the head of the Pack.
The average five year depreciation of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited of 30.9% equates to a depreciation of $ 12,168. This makes the four-door off-roader from Jeep the best choice for buyers who want to minimize depreciation. The Toyota Tacoma's initial depreciation of 32.4% means it is only losing $ 10,496. The lower dollar amount - the smallest loss of money in five years - indicates that Tacoma shoppers pay less, on average, than Wrangler Unlimited buyers when they first purchase the vehicle. The standard two-door Jeep Wrangler ranks third on the list. After five years it lost 32.8% and lost $ 10,824.
Click here for a full list of the top 10 vehicles with the lowest depreciation over five years.
On the other hand of the depreciation coin, luxury sedans tend to depreciate much faster than other types of vehicles. The BMW 7 Series leads the losers with a 72.6% drop in value after five years, which equates to an alarming $ 73,686. Next up is the slightly smaller 5 Series from BMW, which depreciated by 70.1% or $ 47,038 over the same period. Number three on the list of the biggest losers is the Nissan Leaf, the only electric vehicle to appear in the bottom 10. The electric hatchback corresponds to the 5 Series with a loss of value of 70.1%. However, since it's a much cheaper vehicle, that percentage equates to a much smaller loss of $ 23,470.
Click here for a full list of the top 10 vehicles with the highest depreciation over five years.
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