These 3 Pieces of High-End Fitness Equipment Are Better Than Anything at the Gym

Since the coronavirus pandemic closed gyms in March, most of us have been looking for new ways to exercise and stay healthy. Fortunately, setting up a home gym is no longer as difficult (or space consuming) as it used to be. This is largely thanks to the best high-end fitness equipment we've ever had access to.
But what exactly is high-end fitness equipment? Essentially, they are top-notch all-in-one workout stations that will fit in most homes or apartments. This can take the form of a fitness mirror, a connected stationary bike or a connected treadmill. The best high-end fitness equipment also offers access to coaching and personal training, replacing the gyms that were blown up before the coronavirus.
What to Know Before Buying High End Fitness Equipment
Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to breaking a sweat. Here are some considerations to consider when choosing the best high-end fitness equipment for your needs.
Activities: Make a note of your preferred workouts and exercise activities before purchasing. Do you like long, strenuous cardio workouts or quick strength training? Or would you like to try new activities like boxing or yoga? Take a look at what can be done with each fitness machine to make sure you can achieve your goals.
Muscle Groups: When building a minimal home gym, ticking off as many muscle groups as possible with the right equipment is important. Ideally, you need equipment (or exercise machine) that touches your legs, abs, chest, arms, and back while improving cardio.
Space: Unless you have a mansion with its own gym, space is likely to be a major concern when shopping for fitness equipment. Find a room in your home to work out in and measure it before buying new equipment.
Connectivity: The best high-end fitness equipment should be linked to an exercise program. Even if you are already a certified athlete, having access to exercise programs will improve your performance and motivate you to keep exercising.
What is the best fitness machine to use at home?
Read on whether you're looking to improve your cardio, learn yoga, build muscle, or all of the above. We've rounded up some of the best high-end fitness equipment, including mirrors, bikes, and rowing machines. They are great for meeting your fitness goals while the gyms are closed, but they can permanently replace the gym.
Best all-in-one workout: speed
Tempo Fitness Mirror Review

Tempo is an all-in-one fitness station that fits into almost any house or apartment. If you are looking for maximum versatility and minimal footprint, this is the best high-end fitness machine.
The Tempo device is a vertical, standing touchscreen with a device compartment underneath. The shelf is loaded with dumbbells and bars that offer different levels of resistance - much like the weight shelves you find in a gym. The touchscreen shows recorded lessons worth hundreds of hours and your exercise stats. Connect the included heart rate monitor and see your heart rate, calorie consumption and other metrics on the screen.
It's optimized workout gear, but technology is where Tempo really shines. The device uses a built-in camera to display body positioning and automatically adjust it to ensure the best possible and safest workout. It also adjusts your weight recommendations based on your fitness level and stats (i.e. height). After each workout, tap a few questions on the screen. The pace algorithm automatically adjusts the settings for your next workout, depending on how difficult or easy you found the activity.
Aside from the advanced technology and included equipment, the Tempo is a premium gym experience with popular pieces of music broadcast through the built-in stereo speakers and fun and engaging classes. In contrast to some programs where we lose interest or fall asleep after the first few puffs, the instructors from Tempo motivated and entertained us - so much that we completed several classes a day.
Tempo, $ 1995, available from Tempo Fit
Fitness mirror home gym
Another streamlined, connected high-end fitness machine is the Mirror. As the name suggests, the device looks like a full-length mirror (either wall-mounted or tilted) but turns on to provide live-trained fitness classes and workout data while self-assessment remains reflected.
Here's how it works: Use your phone as a remote control and choose from thousands of workouts in over 20 fitness categories, from boxing to yoga to cardio and beyond. A trainer appears on the screen (either live or recorded) and guides you through the workout. If you are in a live class, the trainer can use a front facing camera to provide live tips during the workout. In short, you can get on-demand fitness classes from professionals right at your home.
The mirror shows exercise data including heart rate by connecting to an Apple Watch or a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Your progress and stats will also be shown in the Mirror smartphone app. High tech fitness aside, the mirror looks great as a decoration piece. Because it's mounted, it stays in your way and is great for a bedroom or small studio.
Mirror Fitness, $ 1495, available from Mirror
Rowing machine home gym relay
Unlike the brands mentioned above, Echelon has a range of networked high tech fitness equipment. Some of their best pieces are connected stationary bikes (which give Pendleton a run for their money), the Echelon Reflect (a touchscreen fitness mirror similar to Mirror), and connected treadmills. Check out their impressive lineup here.
But we think one of the best pieces of Echelon is the connected rower. Before you scroll back up, learn why rowers are one of the best (and most underrated) high-end fitness machines.
Rowing machines simulate Olympic-style rowing, offer low-impact full-body training and at the same time massively increase your cardio. By pushing with your legs, stabilizing with your core, and pulling with your back and shoulders, you are engaging far more muscle groups than running, for example. This movement can produce serious results that will increase your overall performance and build that coveted athletic V shape.
Echelon upgrades the typical rowing machine with a connected system and gives you access to classes taught by professional trainers. This screen can also be rotated and used for a variety of non-rowing workouts, including strength training, bodyweight cardio, yoga, and more.
If you prefer a spin bike or fitness mirror, Echelon also offers sleek, streamlined versions of the versions offered on its website.
Echelon Row-S, $ 1,639.98, available from Echelon
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