The Talk - 'NCIS': Sean Murray on Gibbs Shooting McGee

Friday on "The Talk" "NCIS" star Sean Murray discussed the two consecutive episodes this Tuesday. In the first episode, his characters McGee and Delilah [Margo Harshman] take a vacation to the Bahamas to revive their marriage. "I'm excited to see this episode. I haven't seen it," says Murray. "McGee and Delilah fall a little in love. They find that young love again." In the second episode, Murray reveals the secret that Gibbs [Mark Harmon] shot McGee. "It's not a fake. Gibbs shoots McGee, this happens. We're catching up in time and we're in that sequence and we see it play out and we see what happens. It's really cool. It'll be cool for the fans of the show, especially the longtime fans. "

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