The Album John Lennon Signed For Killer Mark David Chapman Is Going Up For Auction

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The night John Lennon was shot, he signed a copy of Double Fantasy, his album with Yoko Ono, for Mark David Chapman - the man who would pull the trigger five hours later. Now this piece of tragic history is being auctioned.
The signed album is part of the Goldin Auctions Christmas auction, which opens on November 23rd. As the listing shows, on the front of the plate is Lennon's signature in blue ink on Ono's neck, with the year "1980" at the bottom. It's also littered with police tags as the album was turned in as evidence during Lennon's homicide investigation. The bid starts at $ 400,000.
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In August, Chapman was denied parole for the eleventh time during his 20-year prison sentence because Ono and her children feared for their lives and someone might try to take violent revenge on him after his release. He can apply for parole again in August 2022.
John would have turned 80 this year, and his son Sean Ono Lennon curated a virtual celebration for the occasion. BBC Radio 2 also aired a new documentary called Lennon at 80, in which Sean interviewed his father's friends and colleagues, including Paul McCartney, who spoke about reconciling with his Beatles bandmate before his untimely death.
“I always tell people that one of the great things for me was that after all the Beatles' rubbish and all the fighting and business, you know, really business differences ... that even after all of this, I'm so happy that I am brought it back together with your father, "Paul said to Sean.
"It would have been a really, really heartache for me if we hadn't reunited," he added. "It was so nice that we did too, and it really gives me the strength to know that."
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