Texans may have to hire a new defensive coordinator in 2021

The Houston Texans already know they need to hire a new coach. Now they could be looking for a new defensive coordinator in the market.
According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Anthony Weaver is being considered to assist Urban Meyer's associate with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Weaver was an assistant with the Florida Gators in 2010, Meyer's last season with the SEC East program.
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Weaver knew Meyer was returning to Notre Dame when the coach was working with receivers for the Fighting Irish as Weaver was a player. The three-time national coach who won the championship turned to Weaver when he was named Texans Defensive Coordinator in 2020.
"When he found out I got the role, he said, 'Weave, you're out of the suggestion business and you're in the decision-making business,'" Weaver told reporters on May 13. "Those words carried a lot to me. That was probably the biggest transition. I just know that I have the last word and I will always try to do the best for the team."
One of Weaver's best skills as a coach, be it as a line of defense coach for Houston since 2016 or as a defensive coordinator, is his ability to relate to players, which is easy since he played in the NFL from 2002 to 2008.
“The other thing I can relate to is that I've been to these places. So I know the days when they're beaten up and stressed out,” said Weaver. "I feel like I know when to push and when to pull and I think that gives me an edge over some coaches who probably haven't played before."
Weaver's defense ranked 30th in yards, 27th in permitted points and 32nd in food stalls in the NFL. No doubt Jacksonville will scrutinize Weaver to see if this output is due to his coaching or a talent problem.

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