Tested: 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye Adds More Power to the Mix

Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver
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Thanks to Dodge, a 700-horsepower car is no longer the rare occurrence it once was. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (parent company of Dodge) sells five models with versions of the company's supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 above that high threshold. One of the newest transplant recipients is the 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye, a 797 hp speedball full of nostalgia and excess.
There was already a 707 hp Charger Hellcat, but the special thing about this version is the 90 hp of the Redeye engine. To get the extra power, the Redeye has a larger 2.7 liter twin screw compressor that produces 14.5 psi of thrust. Normal Hellcats get by with a 2.4 liter compressor and 11.6 psi boost. The Redeye's redline is also higher at 6500 RPM compared to 6200 RPM. To properly feed the beast, it has two fuel pumps instead of one. Somewhat predictably, it averaged 13 mpg. Internal changes include stronger connecting rods and pistons, a thicker valve train, and improved oilability. To survive the performance, the drive train of the Redeye also gets reinforced components, including a 15 percent stronger drive shaft and 20 percent stronger axles, according to Dodge.
Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver
On the track, the Charger Hellcat Redeye proved to be the fastest rear-wheel drive Hellcat variant we've ever tested. It hammered to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, three-tenths faster than the last Challenger Hellcat Redeye we tested and only one-tenth less than the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. It takes patience and a delicate right foot to avoid turning the pirellis des redeye into fusilli. Gently roll into the throttle, avoiding matting it until the transmission shifts to second gear, and it is possible to hit the Redeye's start control system. Reaching the mark of the century takes just 7.5 seconds, a supercar worthy time for a 4,654-pound sedan.
Hold down the accelerator and the Redeye hits the quarter mile mark in 11.5 seconds at 126 mph, just two-tenths behind the 11.3 second 483-pound GT500 lighter at 132 mph. On a hot day, Redeye's SRT Power Chiller, an A / C evaporator built into the intercooler, reduces the intake temperature by 40 degrees. When braking from 70 to zero mph, the Redeye improved the same Charger Hellcat by seven feet with an almost sports car-like stop of 155 feet.
Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver
Select the normal setting of the chassis and the ride will remain stiff on the daily driver's side. Switching to the more aggressive settings takes you straight into a bouncy and rough area. The steering feel isn't the charger's strong point, although the effort increases as you move off center. Widebody means wide tires, and the tires with a width of 305 sections offer 0.93 g of grip on the skid pad, which is exactly the same as the last Charger Hellcat widebody we tested.
Largely unchanged since 2011, the Charger offers an interior package made of carbon and suede ($ 1,595) with an Alcantara headliner and carbon accents that surround almost the entire dashboard and the area around the gear selector. There are still cheap materials left, but the instrument panel is wrapped in leather and the door panels have soft-touch materials and more leather. The BarcaLounger-like leather seats are quite comfortable over long distances, but Dodge puts them high above the ground at an almost intersection-like height. A more aggressive seat would be more in line with the Redeye's potential. Cars with that much power usually have seats that are more Le Mans than La-Z-Boy.
Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver
Now that all chargers powered by Hellcat are equipped with the wide body exhibited with a fender, the Redeye is hardly any different. Spotters will have to look for the larger hood scoop and the relocated vents that flank the scoop. Aside from the hood, there is a dazzling jewel in the eye of the Hellcat logo that serves as another warning to anyone standing next to you at a traffic light. It's a real joy in a car that turns every traffic light into a potential race. Driving to the office becomes silly, fun and exciting. This car makes you laugh. This car is something special.
Dodge calculates for the experience. The total price of our test car was a staggering $ 90,060. Pass on some options like our test car's Harman / Kardon audio system with 19 speakers ($ 1,995), navigation and XM radios ($ 995), an electric sunroof ($ 1,995), and black calipers ($ 595), and the price is still high but a little less painful $ 82,885. To paraphrase Lee Iacocca, "If you can find a cheaper 797-horsepower car, buy it."
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