Tesla increases the range for existing Model Y EVs through an update

You don't have to buy a new car to get a range upgrade from Tesla, at least for the right model. Electrek reports that Tesla is pushing a software update that will improve the range of existing Model Y crossovers. The exact gains aren't clear, but one long range rider said the upgrade was roughly the same as the 325 miles you'd get on a brand new Model Y.
The improvements come through code that "improves the efficiency of the engines and air conditioning systems," Tesla said in its release notes. In other words, Tesla's “efficiency package” mentioned in the Model 3 update appears to be about software.
It's not sure if this applies to Model 3 owners or if all on-the-road Model Y samples will get the update. The Y has only been on the road for a few months, so there's a chance all existing models will be covered.
Tesla has previously upgraded range through software, adding 15 miles to some Model 3 versions. Nonetheless, this could easily be welcomed - and important when range can be crucial to fending off competitors like the VW ID.4.

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