Tatiana Maslany says she's not Disney+'s She-Hulk, actually

Tatiana Maslany has stated that she is actually not a She-Hulk. And while that would be a slightly more controversial statement if it were referring to an actual secret identity of a superhero - and yes, we know Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters doesn't usually really do the "secret identity" thing - she's still somewhat of a surprise, as it was previously reported by Sources (via Deadline) that she signed up as a superhero attorney on the Disney + She-Hulk show. He-Hulk Mark Ruffalo even went so far as to welcome Maslany to the Hulk family - although that should perhaps have been a giveaway, since Marvel probably isn't giving old "Loose Lips" Ruffalo the inside information about things that are he no longer plans much.
Contrary to those reports, Maslany told Sudbury Star in Ontario this week that the casting news is not true. In the words of the Orphan Black star, who was interviewed by the newspaper about her role as a juror for the Canadian Glenn Gould Prize, awarded this year to filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin, “This is actually not a real thing and it is like a press release that's gotten out of hand, "added pretty clearly:" Unfortunately, it's actually not a thing. "
The She-Hulk Show is one of a whole series of Marvel-based series that Disney + is slowly fixing right now. Rick And Morty writer Jessica Gao signed up to write the scripts and Kat Coiro (whose credits include It's Always), Sunny In Philadelphia and The Mick) direct the pilot and several subsequent episodes. The series has now no longer associated anyone with the star; It's not exactly clear what Maslany meant by a "runaway press release," but she's pretty open about the fact that she isn't currently involved with the show.
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