T.I. Considers His and Kanye's 2018 Debate Track "Ye vs. the People" a 'Perfect Record'

Though its publication has since been largely forgotten, 2018 brought the confusing Kanye West and T.I. Collaboration "Ye vs. the People". Essentially a musical debate whose song - whose full title is "Ye vs. the People" - landed in the middle of the West's ongoing Trumpism era.
T.I., whose new album The L.I.B.R.A. Dropped Friday over Grand Hustle and Empire was recently asked how he feels about the route during a long interview with Craig Jenkins. Even after a few years in hindsight, T.I - whose public disapproval of events is still common in the West - seems to be quite proud of how the collaboration has turned out.
"This track was a breath of fresh air musically, and I think that with all the conspiracies, assumptions and speculations that surround him and me, no one else could have spoken to it as eloquently as this record came out," TI said in Geierstück when asked if he would skip this song if he had the chance to go back in time. "I think it was just a perfect shot that only he and I could have done."
T.I. also stated that he did not go to these meetings to get through west or to convince him he was wrong. Instead, T.I. His aim was to offer an "alternative" to listeners who might be tempted to follow the MAGA-supportive message from West at the time.
"You talk to the motherfuckers who watch," said T.I. said. "It's someone looking at Kanye and they're on the fence about whether or not this shit is acceptable. If no one ever gets up and says, 'Hey, this is bullshit, boo', they're going to fall on their side, someone must offer the alternative to this discussion. "
T.I. added that this is often the case when criticizing someone publicly as he is aware that he is unlikely to be able to influence himself.
The L.I.B.R.A. The artist also shared his thoughts on the reconciliation with Gucci Mane and Jeezy, the often public nature of his family business, his comparison of Wakanda and Atlanta earlier this year, and more. Check out the full discussion below:
The release of his new album, his first since Dime Trap by Epic in 2018, was complemented by the reveal of a self-directed official video for the Lil Baby collaboration "Pardon".
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