SVE launches the 800-hp Silverado off-roader that Chevrolet won't build

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Chevrolet sits in the stands as rivals Ford and Ram compete in the high-performance off-roader segment. His neutral approach to the horsepower war offers aftermarket tuners a golden opportunity, and the Specialty Vehicle Engineer (SVE) used him to develop a Silverado that can lock the Rams 1500 TRX horns.
The truck is considered worthy of the historical name of Yenko. It receives a 6.2-liter V8 that is charged to 800 hp. This corresponds to an increase of 380 hp compared to the performance of the eight with a naturally aspirated engine. Ported cylinder heads, forged aluminum pistons, a turned steel crankshaft, improved injectors and a whole host of software improvements helped SVE reach the 800 hp mark. It's the same engine that powers SVE's street-facing variant of Yenko Silverado, but the similarities between the two trucks stop there. One is for the route; The other is for the dunes.
Instead of lowering the suspension, SVE raised it four inches before adding Fox performance dampers and a larger rear swing bar. Nitto off-road tires wrapped around 20-inch wheels further enhance the Silverado's off-road capabilities, while Brembo brake calipers with six pistons that grip ventilated 16.1-inch rotors bring the giant to a standstill. Another view is that the disks are almost as big as the steel wheels of the base Silverado (17 inches).
Each build starts as a custom model, one of the cheaper variants of the 2021 Silverado. SVE adds a number of transfers, a redesigned grille, retractable side steps, a shield insert louvered tailgate and an insert made of composite material. Buyers can also order a roll bar and additional lights, among other things.
Enthusiasts who want to place Chevrolet's indirect answer to the Ford F-150 Raptor and Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 TRX in their driveway (or in their garage, if it fits) can purchase the Yenko Silverado Offroad direct from an authorized Chevrolet dealer . Better still, the engine, compressor and transmission come with a three-year warranty of 36,000 miles. But act quickly: only 50 units are available for the 2021 model year. Prices start at $ 84,995, a number excluding the donor truck, which costs $ 45,155 in front of the destination once configured the way SVE needs it. All in all, the off-roader with the Yenko badge starts at around $ 130,000.
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