Susan Collins Donated To QAnon Supporters Running For Office

Senator Susan Collins, the Republican from Maine facing stiff competition from Democratic challenger Sara Gideon, donated to two state legislature candidates who support the bizarre conspiracy theory, QAnon. Mainer reported for the first time on Friday.
Two Republican candidates, Kevin Bushey and Brian Redmond, received $ 400 from Collins' Political Action Committee, Dirigo PAC.
A request for comment from Collins' office was not immediately returned.
Polls show Gideon has a solid lead over Collins, a centrist whose 2018 vote to endorse Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court sparked a massive fundraiser for her future opponent.
She recently drew the ire of President Donald Trump over a "bad rumor" that she would not vote to support his youngest candidate for the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. It's more than just a rumor: Collins promised last month not to vote on Trump's candidate to fill the seat vacated by the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Now in the final weeks of her campaign, Collins has come under fire for indirectly promoting QAnon, an unfounded far-right conspiracy that Trump is fighting against a cabal of satanic pedophiles in a deep state. Its followers have shown violent tendencies in the past.
Trump also sparked outrage when asked about the conspiracy theory during his town hall on Thursday evening and had to evade by claiming he knew "nothing" about the group.
"What I hear about it is that they are very strong against pedophilia and I agree," said the president, adding that they are "fighting very hard against it".
Both Bushey and Redmond are military veterans who represent districts in northern Maine.
Their social media activities showed they were committed to QAnon and its kinky belief system, said Mainer, who also interviewed Redmond.
"What I understand about the QAnon program is that the military must step in at some point," Redmond told the point of sale, explaining that "the Nazis never lost World War II," because although "[Nazism] was disbanded, they were." she accepted into the US. " The US and the rich, cultist, satanist families continued to use this Nazi force. "
"The end of World War III will end with Donald Trump," Redmond said. He challenges Democrat David McCrea, a second term incumbent.
Bushey, whose writings and views are not difficult to find on the Internet, challenges Democrat John Martin, who is currently serving his 21st non-consecutive term at the Maine House.
Bushey is featured in YouTube videos as the leader of a “QAnon Church” that interprets conspiracy theory using the teachings of the Bible. A website for the "Church" predicts "military trials" and "God declared executions" of people who work with progressive and established democratic organizations after election day.
In an interview for a Mainer podcast released in May, Bushey spoke disparagingly of Freemasons, bankers, Catholics and Jews, saying they “worked very diligently to support the idea that we are at constant war or wage wars because they like to finance both sides of the equation. They are the producers, the makers, and they control the money supply. "
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