Starbucks customers on TikTok are ‘horrified’ by the chain’s new menu item: ‘This cannot be real’

Even this Starbucks barista can't figure out the franchise's newest summer drink.
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For some reason, the company encourages its customers to mix coffee and soda together. Back in February, Starbucks launched its Cold Brew Lemonade as an exclusive "Barista Pick" only for its Starbucks Rewards Visa Card members. Even then, a Reddit thread called the drink "disgusting" and the company's "sick joke".
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"It might seem an unlikely combination, but adding lemonade to your homemade iced coffee makes for a bold, tangy and delicious drink. Think of it like an Arnold Palmer, with strong coffee instead of black tea," says Starbucks' website.
When cold brew soda was listed as a new featured drink at a Starbucks location, one barista couldn't hide her disdain. TikToker @kayli.cernan posted a video of her trying the new drink.
"New drink featured...immediately no," she wrote in the caption.
The barista prepared the drink, took a sip and looked like he was about to throw up after trying it.
TikTokers couldn't help but echo the barista's concerns about the unusual drink.
"This can't be real... but how did it taste? I'm curious." asked one user. The barista replied, "Like I just threw up in my mouth."
"It was traumatizing to try," said one.
“I love cold brew lemonade; we do this at the coffee shop I work at,” one person commented.
"Acid reflux speed run," joked another.
"A squeeze of lemon in iced coffee is a game changer, but half a lemonade in a cold brew is an offense," added a TikToker.
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