SpaceX bought two oil rigs to convert into offshore launch pads for Starship

SpaceX's next starship is under development in Texas, and CEO Elon Musk previously announced that the company plans to build floating spaceports for spacecraft operations after a job posting was posted looking for someone to oversee development . Now SpaceX has purchased two oil rigs for this purpose, as first reported by Michael Baylor of and confirmed by CNBC.
The rigs were named Deimos and Phoibos by SpaceX. These are the names of the two moons of Mars (and the names of the gods who were both afraid and afraid earlier in Greek mythology). The rigs were originally designed for offshore deep water drilling to a maximum depth of 8,500 feet. They are currently located in Brownsville, a port city on the Gulf of Mexico near the Starship SpaceX development site in Brownsville, Texas.
These ships measure 240 feet by 255 feet and are theoretically used to launch the spaceship (and possibly return to landing due to their reusable design). So far, SpaceX has launched and landed its Starship prototypes on land at the Boca Chica site, although so far only flights have been carried out at lower altitudes. The company also operates two drone ships that are 300 feet long and approximately 170 feet wide as autonomous floating landing pads for its current Falcon 9 rocket booster.
SpaceX also posted another ad seeking a resort development manager to transform their South Texas facility into a "21st Century Spaceport" looking specifically for someone with resort expertise. Meanwhile, Musk confirmed that he moved to Texas last December after making a series of public proposals to do so, in part because of the tax and regulatory environment in California.
Tesla selects Austin for its next U.S. facility to build Model Y Cybertruck, Semi Truck
Musk's other company, Tesla, also selected Austin as the location for its next US gigafactory, which will assemble its Cybertruck, Model Y and Tesla Semi vehicles, as well as Model 3 vehicles for customers on the East Coast . SpaceX maintained engine test facilities in McGreger, Texas, and set up Boca Chica as one of two Starship development sites alongside Florida before the South Texas site became the sole focus of building and testing this spacecraft after consolidating its efforts.

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