Sheet the Ghost Is Lost Among the Rabbits. Can You Help His Owner Find Him?

Photo credit: Gergely Dudás / Der Dudolf
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It's been a while since masterful puzzle artist Gergely Dudás gave his fans a really tough puzzle, so it was only a matter of time. Dudás, a.k.a. Dudolf, released his newest search puzzle, and this one comes with a little storyline. It seems like Pete lost his pet spirit sheet in a sea of ​​rabbits in a field. Can you find him
Dudás is a children's book illustrator who created a series called Fox & Rabbit and three giant search books - one for Halloween, Christmas, and Spring. The artist's brain teasers can be found on his website and all of his social media platforms. His puzzles are often straight and to the point: count all the squirrels; Find the rabbit hiding among the cats. But his latest riddle takes a new approach.
Dudás asks fans to help Pete find Sheet so he can safely get his pet home. In theory, it sounds like all of Dudás's other search puzzles, but there are more animals in this one than his previous brain teasers. Not to mention it contained a lot of things that might put puzzle fans off even more, like a lone black rabbit, a few bushes in the field, and yellow rabbit houses. See if you can help Pete find his little friend:
Photo credit: Gergely Dudás / Der Dudolf
For those who found Sheet, great! Now you can sleep tonight knowing you've reconnected a pet to its owner. You did your good deed for the day. If you have trouble seeing where the ghost is hiding, don't fret. You are definitely not alone.
Fans visited the comment section of Dudás' Facebook post on this puzzle to share how difficult the puzzle was. "Yes, it's time to give up, Pete. Rabbits are great pets," one commenter wrote. "No way ... I won't even try. My eyes would be tired for the rest of the day if I tackled this," commented another. "I can't even see the rabbits among the rabbits," wrote a third.
If you'd like to solve the puzzle yourself, take a second look and don't scroll any further - you'll find the solution below.
Stop scrolling.
Last chance.
I mean it that way.
Photo credit: Gergely Dudás / Der Dudolf
Well there you have it. You can now move on to your day.
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