Serena Williams's Daughter Watching Her Doll Qai Qai Dance With Shakira Is So Precious

You may know Qai Qai as 3 year old Alexis Olympia Ohanian's favorite baby doll. Since Serena Williams made the adorable little character famous, it has taken on a life of its own - with both physical and animated iterations. Thanks to the tennis pro, Qai Qai has gained over 200,000 followers on Instagram for her antics and is now available on Amazon for children everywhere. Most recently we found out that the doll appears to be a very talented dancer too, and it seems that Olympia is her biggest fan.
Earlier this month, Qai Qai shared an Instagram video dancing with Black Eyed Peas to Shakira's movements in the singer's "Girl Like Me" music video, and the doll got movements. Your BFF Olympia would likely agree, as evidenced by her sweet reaction to the clip. In a video posted on Alexis Ohanian's Instagram on Friday, we see Olympia giggle and smile as she watches Qai Qai dance, and it's just a whole other level of cute.
"I'm not sure @olympiaohanian fully understands the @ realqaiqai phenomenon, but she really loves the dance videos," Alexis said. "Thanks @shakira for the fantastic collaboration." Check out Olympia's adorable reaction on repetitions above and in front, and see the full clip of Qai Qai and Shakira's synchronous moonwalking.
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