Selma Blair’s Shaggy Bowl Cut Is the New Mullet

Paul Archuleta / Stringer, Getty Images
Since Selma Blair shaved her head in 2019 after chemotherapy for multiple sclerosis (MS), she has opted for the short hair look. She recently dyed her hair a dark chocolate brown again after wearing her natural salt and pepper pixie, and now that it's gotten longer, Blair is trying a brand new (still very nostalgic 90s cup cut).
Her shaggy, short, equally long chop can be seen as she models a jogger set of Alice and Olivia. "This set supports @racetoerasems," wrote Blair in her caption. "Race to Erase MS is dedicated to the treatment and cure of multiple sclerosis. Funding for research is the focus of the foundation, while raising awareness through education."
In the first two pictures she shared, Blair styles her hair with part of the side length tucked behind her ear. And in the last photo we can see the full bowl shape taking shape - how does your bowl cut look so chic when ours looked so ... bowl-like in 1996?
Blair did the choppy pixie cut for most of the quarantine, keeping the length on top and a short crop on the sides. However, this shell cut looks like the perfect transitional do for someone looking to evolve into a later bob like she last did in 2019.
Although many celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Billie Eilish have returned to the 80s with their shaggy mullets, we like the vibe that Blair is aiming for with this nostalgic look. And with this all-one-length thing for her, it'll be easy to make the bowl into a bob - and she might just inspire us to take a chance with our own locks.
Just when we thought our thirst for a reorganization of the quarantine had been quenched ...

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