‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Sees Issa Rae Voting for ‘Everybody Black’ — But ‘F’ Kanye West

On the October 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, guest host Issa Rae played an attorney for the NAACP who vowed to vote for “all blacks” on election day - but when it came to the president's race, she said, “ Kanye? "F" him. "
(Kanye West is actually running as a runner-up for many votes, including in California, with Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente as a presidential nominee.)
The sketch, in which Kenan Thompson also appeared as the presenter of the talk show "Your Voice Chicago" with Raes Jamele Demmings and Ego Nwodim as journalists, seemed in part to be a game with Rae's notorious comments in which she "struck roots for all blacks" the Emmy Awards in 2017. But as the sketch moved on, it was clear that their ability to vote for candidates who were black and would make the right kind of change would be tested.
She first stated: "The voices of our people have not been heard for two years. It is our duty to stand together and take back our power." And to notice that a young black woman with no experience is running for a local office "That is exactly why we need them. ... New voices, this is the only way for change to occur." When Raes Demmings heard about a billionaire in a race, he first remarked: "How can someone who is so rich, Know something about us? Money corrupts the whole system. "When she heard that the black candidate was the billionaire, she turned around and said," I find that so inspiring. We need more entrepreneurs like this in our community. "
Before long, the black candidates were no longer so easy to support, although Raes Demming had found ways as best she could. Chris Redd portrayed a former strip club owner who became a reverend and was caught for tax fraud but was still running for controller. "He knows the system and all the loopholes," she said.
And when Punkie Johnson and Maya Rudolph portrayed a conservative duo who not only ran illegally on the same ticket, but also streamed it live and sang about how "the mask is death", Raes Demmings took a second and then used it their passion for their favors. "We need more passion in politics," she said. "We want someone who works out there in the real world."
When Thompson pointed out that both women were unemployed, the answer was that "we have to give them jobs ... lift them up".
At the end of the show, when Rae said her good nights and thanked SNL for being there, she reminded everyone to "come out and vote."
"Saturday Night Live" will be broadcast live from coast to coast on Saturdays at 11:30 pm. ET / 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.
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