Sarah Fuller silenced critics of her Vanderbilt kick by sharing a clip of her incredible full-field goalkeeper assist

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller took a free kick across an entire soccer field to get elusive support from the goalkeeping position in November. Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Sarah Fuller made history as the first woman to play a major Division I college football game when she appeared for the low-staffed Vanderbilt Commodores.
The starting goalkeeper for the school's women's soccer team did not show her full leg strength during the game as she only delivered a squib kick.
Fuller showed leg strength, shared a clip with her full field assistant during the SEC tournament, and wrote, "I'll just leave this here."
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Sarah Fuller made history as the first woman to participate in a Power 5 college football game when she competed for the low-staffed Vanderbilt Commodores on Saturday.
And while her perfectly executed Squib kick was strong enough to break through the glass ceiling, it didn't have the "momentum" necessary to impress skeptics. But that doesn't mean that Fuller isn't able to deliver massive boots. But on the contrary.
Sarah Fuller competes for the Vanderbilt Commodores against the Missouri Tigers. Hunter Dyke / Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports / File Photo
The freshly minted Vanderbilt kicker is the starting goalkeeper for the school's women's soccer team and last month showed off her leg strength during the Commodores run to her first SEC tournament title in 26 years. In the 72nd minute of Vanderbilt's quarter-final game against the Tennessee Volunteers, Fuller launched a free kick across the football field and into the opposite 18-yard box for elusive support from the goalkeeper position.
Fuller shared a clip of the formidable game on Twitter on Monday to commemorate their formidable kicking skills. And as if to silence critics of her participation in the football team, she combined the video with the caption "I'm leaving this ..."
Fuller may have a chance to make good use of that strong leg on Saturday. Commodore's interim trainer Todd Fitch confirmed that she will continue to train with his team. And Fitch, who took over the program after the sacking of former head coach Derek Mason last week, added that Fuller would be traveling to Athens, Georgia this weekend before Vanderbilt's game against the Georgia Bulldogs # 11.
Sarah Fuller. Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
"She's going to be with us on the trip to Georgia and we're going to have the best people out there," Fitch told ESPN. "If she is our best option, we will move on with her and do what is best for the team."
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