Sam Heughan Drops Hints About Whether 'Outlander' Sex Scenes Will Still Happen in Season 6

How about some Outlander-style safe sex? Sam Heughan came to Live with Kelly and Ryan to talk about his bestselling book, Clanlands and Outlander, and eventually dropped some information we all needed about Season 6. Heughan hinted that there would indeed be sex scenes. Live co-host Kelly Ripa said she knew from her husband, Riverdale star Mark Consuelos, that there are many rules for such things in this Covid world. "So I have to stay two meters from my co-star (Caitríona Balfe)," joked Heughan. Jamie and Claire from a meter away ?! No no. Ryan Seacrest asked, "So will there be love scenes?" Heughan was quick to respond, "I hope it's an integral part of our show." So don't despair, it sounds pretty sure Jamie and Claire are not being blocked by Covid. Outlander fans can relax anywhere.
What else do we know about sex in season? Six. We are sorry. Heughan performed Q&A on Twitter to celebrate the release of his new book, Clanlands, with former co-star Graham McTavish. And he was late for his own questions and answers, but for the best reason ever: He said he read season six Outlander scripts. Both Balfe and Heughan have confirmed on social media that they have gone into costume accessories. So here is what we know. They wear clothes. And at some point, Jamie and Claire will stop wearing clothes. Because it's Jamie and Claire and even Covid can't fight this power.
On-screen Balfe and Heughan's daughter Sophie Skelton told us back in May that social distancing wasn't going to work for her show. "Claire and Jamie two meters apart, it just won't happen." So Skelton said it first. And we never doubted it. (Actually, maybe we did a little bit because the world closed).
When are Balfe, Heughan, Skelton, Richard Rankin and the rest of the cast going back to the set? Heughan said on a recent podcast that they would be back to work in early 2021. That's only 35 days left! We don't count or anything. And because we're mathematicians, that probably means that the sixth season won't end until 2022. That is a very long time. See how we got you excited one second and destroyed all of your dreams the next. This is Outlander for you. Heughan also confirmed that he and Balfe would continue their producer roles in the coming season.
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Is Claire okay?
Earlier this summer, Diana Gabaldon hinted on the summer series that Jamie was fine in her last book, but Claire ... hmmm. Not so sure. And we weren't panic at all. (Narrator: But they panicked). Balfe tweeting didn't help.
Claire is getting a haircut, possibly by a new barber named James Fraser
During the Outlander panel at the Paley Center, Balfe joked that Claire would get a haircut next season. And said she could "let Sam do it". Ha, oh cute, a "Jamie cuts Claire's hair" cute couple haircut moment. How romantic. But wait, it's Outlander, Claire getting a haircut is probably a signal for something terrible. Outlander book readers seem to be concerned about this. Cool. Great. Don't panic again.
How to get through Droughtlander
When you need an Outlander fix because the Droughtlander is real, there are two ways to be satisfied ... for your sanity! One of them is Jamie and Claire's best fights and makeup sex. Personal favorite is The Reckoning. Jamie thinks he is responsible, but then learns that he is not. Claire is the captain now, James. Was that a knife in Claire's hand or was she just glad to see Jamie? You decide. (I think both of them).
The second way is just a short list of why Outlander is better at sex than any of us. Yes, it is true. And you know it. Picking the best scene is difficult, but the season two finale, in which Jamie and Claire have sex one last time before their 20 year time travel break, stands out. Or lie down. Let's just say Claire is really trapped between a rock and a tough place.
Would Claire & Jamie wear masks?
Will Jamie and Claire wear masks in their love scenes? Nuh uh, if two people can do sexy AF masks, it could be these two. Also, there was no pandemic at all in 1740 ... Omg wait. Claire was BORN in the middle of the last global pandemic in 1918! WHAT?! What does that mean?! Is that why she is a magical time traveler ?! Imagine the newborn Claire wearing a mask. Diana Gabaldon, does that mean anything? Makes it?
Oh, since it's a pandemic and a Droughtlander, if you will, a Droughtdemic, you should check out these Outlander-inspired masks for your masking pleasure. That sounded scary, but it's actually very healthy! This mask in particular is the classic Claire and Jamie.
The last way to get through the drought is to watch season five all over again. One employee recently said: “I can't care that Claire and Jamie are supposed to be around 60 years old. According to life expectancy in the 1700s, they should be on their deathbeds. “Okay, Bill Nye, the science guy, she really did this research. So I just said, "Claire and Jamie smoke penicillin and have a lot of sex - it keeps you young." You can contact me Dr. Call Fauci. Class dismissed.
Happy Thanksgiving, we leave you the above picture. This is how Jamie Fraser would probably eat mashed potatoes. With fork and knife. Because he's noble, Bougie, Jamie. (But why didn't any family member tell him that it was just wrong to eat PB & J with a knife and fork?) Claire, Bree, you are from the future, help him.
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