Russia wants to distribute its questionable coronavirus vaccine to other countries: report

Russian President Vladimir Putin Mikhail Swetlow / Getty Images
Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to distribute his questionable Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine to other countries, Reuters reported on Saturday.
Russia approved Sputnik V for the first time in August, but experts and health officials were skeptical that the vaccine would work because it didn't go through the necessary Phase 3 studies.
The Kremlin also kept important information relevant to the success of the vaccine out of the public eye. This included his methodology.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday the country was hoping to distribute its controversial Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine to other countries, according to Reuters.
Russia announced a successful coronavirus vaccine in August, but Sputnik V was approved under questionable circumstances. It was released before it went through phase 3 trials. In the US, Phase 3 is required before a drug or vaccine can be reviewed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
As previously reported by Business Insider's Susie Neilson, the results of the vaccine's early study were not peer-reviewed. Russia had also not disclosed its methodology and continued to keep Sputnik V a secret.
The rushed timeline sparked speculation among health officials about whether the Kremlin forced vaccine makers to quickly turn off Sputnik V in an attempt to step up in the global race to cure the coronavirus.
At the annual G20 summit on Saturday, Putin said Russia was in the process of developing a second and third vaccine in response to the coronavirus, Reuters reported on Saturday.
Putin also said reiterating his goal of mass producing the vaccine for other countries. For months, the Russian president has been urging other countries to take his vaccine seriously.
Russia said in August it would begin the mass production process in September, despite the uncertainty plaguing Sputnik V.
Earlier this month, the Kremlin announced that preliminary data showed the vaccine had a 92% effectiveness rate in preventing the coronavirus. However, according to a press release, the data was based on only 20 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
Putin told news reporters in August that he had offered to help the US develop a coronavirus vaccine, but the White House turned it down.
However, Putin continues to claim that the vaccine "passed all required controls" and even added at one point that he had it taken by his own daughter.
There are two coronavirus vaccines that have been shown to have a high rate of success in fighting the coronavirus. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer and biotech group Moderna announced earlier this month that they have developed vaccines with a success rate of at least 94.5% in preventing coronavirus in clinical trials.
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