Rudy Giuliani tries to shush alleged voter fraud witness as she attacks Republicans at latest disaster hearing

Rudy Giuliani's wild election show was once again taken to a new level during a hearing in Michigan on Wednesday that turned into a bizarre and uncontrollable spectacle when witnesses called Republican lawmakers without providing any credible evidence of mass fraud.
Even President Donald Trump's personal attorney seemed surprised when Melissa Carone, one of the campaign legal team's witnesses, began verbally abusing GOP members of the House Oversight Committee.
Ms. Carone, who claimed to have seen "thousands" of examples of alleged election fraud, has already had her story discredited by a Michigan judge who said an affidavit she filed last month was "just not believable".
Even so, she was invited to speak to Trump's legal team at the hearing on Wednesday, where she attacked Rep Steve Johnson (R-MI) when he tried to ask a simple question about her specific allegations of election fraud.
“I know what I've seen. I know what I saw, ”Ms. Carone said repeatedly. "And I signed something that says I can go to jail if I'm wrong. Did you?"
Mr Johnson replied that he was merely trying to "ask a legitimate question" when the chairman warned Ms. Carone not to interrupt lawmakers at the hearing.
At some point Ms. Carone shouted over the representatives until a seemingly jostled Mr. Giuliani leaned over and tried to silence them.
"I have an affidavit!" The witness called later at the hearing when lawmakers said she should have been under oath and added, “I'm a mom, I have two children, I have two degrees. I don't know any woman in the world who would write an oath under oath just to write it. You can go to jail for that! "
Ms. Carone wasn't the only controversial witness to appear before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday - another unidentified woman drew backlash when she suggested that election fraud could have occurred because of a statement that "all Chinese look the same" .
“The other representative said that you can actually show up and vote without an ID, it's shocking. How can you let that happen? " She said. "A lot of people think all Indians look the same, I think all Chinese look the same. How would you say that?"
Press conferences and hearings with the president's legal team have gotten out of hand in recent weeks as his campaign has suffered repeated setbacks in the country's courts and continued failure to provide credible evidence of electoral fraud, leading to denied and dismissed lawsuits.
Mr Trump's false claims of mass voter fraud that began before the votes could even be counted were shot down by his own Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, which named the 2020 elections "the safest" in US history .
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