Royals plan to start a new tradition this season, and they seek the help of KC fans

Things are a bit different on opening day at Kauffman Stadium.
For starters, on top of the Boulevard Brewing Company's chimney, behind the center right wall is Bluevard. A blue light also illuminates the back of the Crown Vision Board.
And most notable will be the 15ft by 9ft flag near the Rivals Sports Bar. It will have only one word: Home, in the cursive handwriting of royal uniforms.
The flag will fly at all home stands beginning with the 2022 season opener on April 7 against the Cleveland Guardians. It's all part of the royals' new initiative, Bring Out The Blue.
The royals are hoping fans and local businesses will join the team and paint the city blue.
"When you think of kittens, they are born knowing naturally that they need to use the litter box. Well, kids here know when they're born to dress in red on Fridays," said Tony Snethen, vice president of brand innovation and agency head of the royals' Pine Tar Collective. “And we haven't really had anything like that with a season of 162 games and 81 games here at home.
“How do you create something that the city can rally around? And that's how we started thinking about the idea of ​​Bring Out The Blue and supporting the guys with their return to town. And so what we really focus on is that every time they come back from a road trip or of course on opening day for the start of the season, we just want to flip the switch and go blue.”
During the season, the Royals typically return home from a road trip at night, and it's Snethen's hope that Kansas City will be bathed in blue as players head from the airport to Kauffman Stadium.
When the Royals start a home series, the team will fly the giant flag so everyone at Kauffman Stadium and the Truman Sports Complex will know the team is at The K.
03/25/22 The first time that the home pennant is hoisted
"We created a custom flag in the form of a pennant that we raise at the beginning of each home stand, much like we bang the drum like the Chiefs do, and then we raise it up the entire home stand. ' said Snethen. "We're going to put a spotlight on it so people driving down I-70 can see it and know the boys are in town." We will illuminate the back of Crown Vision with blue light. It's sort of our bat signal, if you will.”
The royals hope to have replicas of the flags available in the team shop and elsewhere. It is her wish that fans show their colors at home and at work.
And on the first day of each new home stand, Snethen said the team hopes fans around town will wear their Royals jerseys and caps. It will be something like the Chiefs' Red Friday, but only with Royals Blue.
It's all part of an effort to bring the blues to Kansas City. Well, the color blue.
"We're giving people complete freedom to treat it how they want, but essentially the way I see it is the city will wrap their arms around the club when they come back to the city," said Snethen, " and somehow the blue carpet rolls out for them.”

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