Raiders OC Greg Olson credits Hunter Renfrow’s quarterback background for his success

All Hunter Renfrow does is get open. It was opened in Clemson and now it is opened in the NFL against the best athletes in the world. He is not of great size or speed and is indeed a very poor athlete for the position. But that didn't stop him from being one of the main weapons on these raiders' offensive.
So how does it come up so often? Offensive coordinator Greg Olson stated in his most recent media availability that Renfrow's quarterback background actually has a lot to do with his success:
"Yeah, and you can go back to his college experience in Clemson with Dabo Swinney, he'd probably tell you the same thing. He's got a good balance, a good understanding - once again - he has a great understanding of defensive football. He's a Former quarterback, former high school quarterback, and coaching son. That helps him understand where the holes are in the zone. But he's got some good balance and posture on his running track right now and is working on it. He deserves credit for his Work ethic and general knowledge of the game. "
The slot position in the NFL is littered with former quarterbacks and it's not difficult to understand. Slot receivers usually know how to better read coverages and how to find the little flaws in a defense to open up. Renfrow is no exception and he proves once again that you don't have to be a great athlete to be a successful recipient.
As Renfrow continues to learn this offense and build a repertoire with Derek Carr, it should only become much more dangerous. He's already one of the best slot receivers in the NFL and is becoming a weapon for the Raiders.

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