Princess Diana Compared Being Royal to Having to Attend a Wedding "Every Day of Your Life — as the Bride"

From Marie Claire
Life as a member of the royal family is not always easy. In fact, Princess Diana was open about how stressful the lifestyle could be.
In his new book Long Live the Queen! Royal writer Bryan Kozlowski reveals that she has compared life as a full-time queen to the stress of being a bride - every day.
However, according to Kozlowski, Queen Elizabeth loves the tight schedule royals have to keep and thrives under it.
Do you think being a member of the royal family is all glamor and fun? Think again In movies it looks like it's just fancy dinners, tiaras, and balls, and in real life there are a lot of those things, too, but there are also very strict rules and schedules - and all the stress of sticking to schedule comes with.
According to royal author Bryan Kozlowski in his new book Long Live the Queen! Princess Diana was open to the stress of living this regal life (which is generally not surprising given the late king's candor in general) and explained it in what was probably the most perfect way.
"[Royal life] is a bit like, as Princess Diana later described, always having to appear on time for a wedding 'every day of your life - as the bride'," writes Kozlowski.
Still, not every member of the royal family finds the rigid schedules so stressful. FWIW, Queen Elizabeth apparently loves it and even finds power in it, according to biographer Carolly Erickson.
Each his own?
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