Prince William "Wept" While Watching Princess Diana's Infamous BBC Panorama Interview

From Marie Claire
Princess Diana's explosive BBC Panorama interview in 1995 shocked royal fans - and members of the royal family, including her then-teenage son, Prince William.
William reportedly took the interview very difficult and was later discovered by his caretaker in Eton, sagging and visibly shaken.
"Before the 58 minutes ended, William wept," said royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey.
In 1995, Princess Diana broke all kinds of royal precedents and protocols when she sat down for an explosive interview with journalist Martin Bashir on BBC Panorama. In the now infamous interview, Diana openly discussed the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles, including his affair with his current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, and her own affair with James Hewitt.
Diana's eldest son, Prince William, was 13 when the interview aired and it had a huge impact on him by all reports.
According to The Mirror, royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey stated that William actually "cried" while watching the interview and that "something was torn inside him."
"Before the 58 minutes ended, William cried," writes Lacey in his latest book, Battle Of Brothers: William, Harry, and the Inner Story of a Family in Trouble, adding that Williams' caretaker at Eton, Dr. Andrew Gailey, actually found the young prince in the middle of a minor glitch after watching the show. "Gailey told Diana that he found her son slumped on the sofa, his eyes red with tears."
William is currently backing a BBC investigation into renewed allegations that Bashir manipulated Diana by forging documents to secure the interview.
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