Prince Charles Has Been "Supporting Harry and Meghan During Their Time of Grief" After Miscarriage

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From Cosmopolitan
Meghan Markle shared a miscarriage in a move for the New York Times.
The royals, whom Prince Harry told of the miscarriage, reportedly feel "great sadness" for the Duke and Duchess.
Yesterday, Meghan Markle posted a powerful commentary in the New York Times about a summer miscarriage. In the essay, the Duchess of Sussex wrote about the importance of signing up and asking the simple question "Are you okay?" To ask, stressing the importance of shared grief as a means of healing.
"We learned that when people ask how any of us are doing, and when they really listen to the answer with an open heart and open mind, the burden of grief often becomes lighter - for all of us," wrote Meghan. "By being invited to share our pain, we take the first steps towards healing together."
When it came to sharing their news with the royals, The Daily Beast reported that Prince Harry was discussing their miscarriage with his family, and they also knew Meghan's New York Times was going to be published before it was published. More importantly, the Royals supported Harry and Meghan through this heartbreaking experience:
"[Prince] Charles supported Harry and Meghan in their time of grief," a source tells us Weekly. "There is a great sadness in the royal family for Harry and Meghan."
According to The Daily Beast, the Queen's office said they would not comment publicly, calling Meghan and Harry's experience "deeply personal," while Charles' said the same thing.
Read the Duchess' full essay here.
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