President Trump deletes tweets after Twitter, Facebook and Instagram lock down accounts for 'violations'

Update: Facebook and Instagram on Thursday indefinitely prevented President Trump from posting on these platforms. Twitter didn't say when the president could resume tweeting.
In an unprecedented move, Twitter suspended President Trump's account on Wednesday after three of his tweets about the riots in the U.S. Capitol were frozen so they couldn't be liked or forwarded. A few hours later, Facebook followed suit with a 24-hour block.
@RealDonaldTrump's Twitter account will be banned and these Tweets will need to be removed. At this point, the account will remain blocked for 12 hours, announced Twitter in a post on its Twitter security account.
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On Thursday, Twitter confirmed in an email to USA TODAY that the tweets leading to Trump's suspended account had been deleted.
Future violations of the rules for social networks - such as inciting violence and intervening in elections - could "lead to a permanent suspension of the @ realDonaldTrump account," said Twitter in the thread.
Facebook later followed suit with a stricter response after the president's video was initially removed. The company assessed some policy violations, "which will result in a 24-hour functional block, which means he can no longer post to the platform." During this time."
Riots in the U.S. Capitol: Angry Mob's actions lead to widespread condemnation across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
"A President's Words Are Important": Increasingly, social media platforms are being used to silence Trump while rioters storm the US Capitol
It came after Trump shared a video on multiple platforms telling his supporters, "We had an election that was stolen from us," in response to thousands of rioters who stormed the US Capitol in Washington, DC .
Twitter suspended President Trump's account on Wednesday after freezing three of his tweets about the riots in the U.S. Capitol so they couldn't be liked or forwarded. Trump has to remove the tweets in order to unlock the account.
He urged followers to go home but maintained his unsubstantiated claim that the election was "fraudulent".
In a subsequent tweet, Trump said of the riots, "These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously deprived of great patriots who have been treated badly and unfairly for so long. Go home with you Love and in peace. Remember that day forever! "
A tweet from President Trump about the riots in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.
First, Twitter captioned the president's tweet stating that it couldn't be retweeted, liked, or replied to, although the option to "quote" the tweet remained. But later it was necessary to block his account. Facebook removed the video.
Guy Rosen, Facebook's vice president of integrity, tweeted that this was an "emergency and we are taking appropriate immediate action, including removing President Trump's video." He went on to say that the video was removed because "we believe, overall, that it carries rather than reduces the risk of persistent violence".
Previously, many social media networks such as Twitter, where Trump has 88.7 million followers, asked for the president's accounts to be removed.
After Twitter took action, Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va., said in a tweet to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that the punishment was "not sufficient. He is a threat to our democracy and should be banned from @twitter for the next." 14 days. "
Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, tweeted that Trump's Instagram account was also blocked for 24 hours.
Following Sen. Manchin, the Real Oversight Board, a Facebook monitoring organization not affiliated with Facebook, said in a statement that the measures taken against Trump on social networks were "too little, too late". Donald Trump has violated Facebook's own terms and conditions on multiple occasions His report poses a threat not only to democracy but also to human life. Twenty-four hours is not enough - there are still 13 days to the inauguration of President-elect Biden, enough time for President Trump to wreak havoc. "
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This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: Twitter, Facebook block Trump's account after posting about rioting
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