Postgame reaction to the Lions loss to the Bears is not thankful for Dan Campbell’s coaching

After another loss, Detroit Lions fans are not happy. They shouldn't be either. Those of us who cover the team aren't happy either.
Thursday's 16-14 loss to the Chicago Bears, when visitors to Ford Field emerged victorious with a last-minute field goal, falls directly on Lions head coach Dan Campbell and his staff. Between a predictable and error-prone offensive, astonishingly clumsy time management and a game call with the lead in the fourth quarter, and a general lack of inspired play by the Lions, many fingers are pointing at Campbell. And some of them aren't index fingers either.
Here is a selection from Twitter of Campbell's most recent defeat, which saw the Lions drop to 0-10-1.
So after a timeout, the Lions were not positioned properly, called another timeout (which is against the rules, so it was a penalty) and then gave up the first down anyway. And then they almost got caught with too many men on the next piece.
- Chris Burke (@ChrisBurkeNFL) November 25, 2021
Watch management in crunch time has been a weekly lawsuit in Detroit since at least the middle of the Jim Schwartz era. Campbell unfortunately competes with Jim Caldwell because of his incompetence.
- Jeff Risdon (@JeffRisdon) November 25, 2021
What the heck is this coverage on 3rd and 4 ???
- Malcolm Biven's hate account (@__ Eddie313) November 25, 2021
You play hard. You don't give up. But at some point we don't have to seriously ask ourselves why there are constant mental errors, poor clock management, incredibly passive play calls, and very little fire. Many losses were torn from the jaws of victory. This is a coach question.
- Sammy's Pop (@ JayGold42) November 25, 2021
100% that. We gave Holmes a pass this off-season but some of his moves were just spectacularly bad. And like I said, even at 0-6 I had confidence in Campbell, but the past few weeks have raised massive, massive red flags.
- Scott Warheit (@swarheit) November 25, 2021
Hahaha, what an utter atrocity this drive has become. I love that the crowd boos. This is misconduct by an incompetent coaching staff. # Lions
- Ryan Schuiling (@RyanSchuiling) November 25, 2021
how do you call back timeouts lmao what a stupid man. This guy has no chance of coaching a winning team even if the players are good.
- Shea (@ 5h3a_) November 25, 2021
Jesus Christ lion. Just awful.
- Janice (@chestnuthell) November 25, 2021
Everyone was mad at DC, but Aaron Glenn was an absolute disaster all along the way.
- Brett Whitefield (@BGWhitefield) November 25, 2021
Welp, Dan Campbell's honeymoon is officially over. Teams are starting to realize that he's not a smart footballer. Charisma and heart can only get a team so far, and that's what it looks like.
- t () y (@Finchty) November 25, 2021
Thanksgiving year 0. Fire Campbell. Get rid of Goff.
Lack of talent or not ... absolutely hideous.
- Lucy's father ??? / ?? (@ lslats810) November 25, 2021
Again, if pressure is put on the defense to stop, they cannot. The defense looks a lot better on paper than it actually is, as the opponents 'attacks don't have to be aggressive when playing the Lions' anemic attacks.
- Logan Lamorandier (@LLamorandier) November 25, 2021
If the Ford family and @Lions Campbell don't fire by the end of this weekend, I'll be done. This franchise just doesn't care. These are mistakes that a high school student could have avoided. WHO DOESN'T CALL BEFORE THE 2 MINUTE WARNING THERE TIMEOUT?!? Meathead trainer Dan Campbell.
- Andrew Bernal (@ AndrewBernal87) November 25, 2021
that'll be an open dome when they're back on Third-and-32
- Benjamin Raven (@BenjaminSRaven) November 25, 2021
For the second time in the game where the Lions Offensive has been penalized three times in a row. I've probably seen this before, but it feels like a new low.
- Justin Rogers (@Justin_Rogers) November 25, 2021
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