Photos show Tom Cruise helping Kate Middleton walk up the stairs of a red-carpet event

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise at a Top Gun: Maverick event on Thursday. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Kate Middleton and Prince William attended a screening of Top Gun: Maverick in London on Thursday.
Middleton wore a fitted, off-the-shoulder dress by Roland Mouret and black pointed-toe pumps.
At some point during the red carpet, she was helped up a flight of stairs by Tom Cruise.
Prince William and Kate Middleton attended a screening of Top Gun: Maverick this week and interacted with the film's lead actor.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the event in London, England on Thursday and were joined by Tom Cruise on the red carpet.
The trio walked up a small flight of stairs at one point during the event, which might have been difficult for Middleton as she was wearing a fitted Roland Mouret dress and pointy heels.
At that moment, Cruise entered and held the King's hand in support, as seen in photos taken on the red carpet.
Tom Cruise helps Kate Middleton up the stairs while Prince William walks alongside them. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
The British royals and Cruise appeared to chat during their walk, but it was Middleton who stole the show at the event.
She stood out on the red carpet thanks to her black dress with a white off-the-shoulder neckline and her accessories.
The Duchess wore star-shaped earrings, a black clutch bag and her wedding ring, a family heirloom. Middleton also wore neutral makeup and her hair in a sleek but wavy style.
Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise at a Top Gun: Maverick screening on May 19, 2022. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
After reaching the top of the event's staircase, the Duke and Duchess greeted other stars from the film. Despite this, they stayed close to Cruise and continued to chat with him.
Cruise and Prince William wore traditional tuxedos and black bow ties. The prince's shoes were a little more fun, though.
He wore loafers designed by Crockett & Jones, embroidered with F-18 aircraft in honor of the film.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will speak to Tom Cruise on May 19, 2022. Justin Tallis/Getty Images
Middleton and Cruise appeared to be enjoying their time together, with some photos taken at the event showing them laughing as Prince William talks to fellow attendees.
Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise at a Top Gun: Maverick event on May 19, 2022. Samir Hussein/Getty Images
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