Oscar Isaac Is Reportedly Playing Marvel's Moon Knight - Here's What That Means

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The latest buzz from the Marvel universe brings a Star Wars star to the Disney + Marvel TV world! According to Deadline, Oscar Isaac is in talks to play Moon Knight on an upcoming series of the same name. Curious who Moon Knight is and why is he important in the Marvel world? We have all the answers you need!
Moon Knights Introduction to Comics
Moon Knight made his debut in Marvel Comics in 1975 when he was featured as an antagonist in an issue of Werewolf by Night. Five years later, after several minor appearances - especially at one point alongside the defenders - he finally got a detailed backstory. Moon Knight's real identity is Marc Spector, the son of a rabbi who first became a boxer, then a marine, and then a mercenary. After a life-changing encounter at an archaeological dig in Egypt (we'll come back to this in a moment), he returns to the United States and creates several new identities to pursue justice. The most notable of these identities are Steven Grant, a wealthy businessman, and Jake Lockley, an ordinary taxi driver. He's something of a morally gray character, especially given his complicated, diverse identities and personalities, and shady past.
What are the powers of the moon knight?
Moon Knight's powers are a combination of legitimate superpowers, his military training and super technology. He has some serious fighting skills without superpowers - after all, he was a boxer and a Marine, so he has a lot of combat training and those skills have been improved even further during his mercenary career. Its superpowers are the result of how it was created. While working as a mercenary in Egypt, he sees his boss kill an archaeologist in order to loot an excavation site. Spector fights with the other mercenary and is left for dead, only to be visited by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who offers to save Spector's life if he agrees to be the god's avatar on earth.
As a result, he has augmented powers such as strength and super reflexes that are tied to the phases of the moon: the fuller the moon, the more powerful it is (hence its superhero name). In addition, Spector uses technology to improve his superhero life in ways that have brought him comparisons to Batman over the years. He has a wide variety of specialty weapons, armor, and even high-tech vehicles.
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How does Moon Knight fit into the Marvel Universe?
Throughout its comic book history, Moon Knight has crossed several of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe, including Captain America, War Machine, Valkyrie, Hawkeye, and a few others. He first teams up with these heroes in a Secret Avengers storyline in which he is part of a series of elite heroes who operate in secret under the leadership of Steve Rogers. In a darker plot from around 2011, Moon Knight develops new "personas" based on heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine.
Moon Knight's most intriguing storyline, at least in terms of on-screen connections to the current Marvel Universe, comes from the 2012 storyline, Avengers vs. X-Men. During this story, he is part of a mini-team from Avengers guarding the X-Men's School. His companions? That would be She-Hulk and Falcon, who will both be main characters in the new list of Disney + Marvel shows.
Does Oscar Isaac really play Moon Knight?
The operational words in all of these rumors are that Isaac is "in talks" to take on the role - nothing has been confirmed yet. There has been a similar issue over the past few months with another major Marvel casting. It was widely believed that Tatiana Maslany was cast as She-Hulk in an upcoming Disney + series, but Maslany immediately denied it in an October interview with The Sudbury Star. "This is actually not a real thing and it's like a press release that's gotten out of hand. It's absolutely not - I've been involved with these things in the past and the press has gotten into it, but it's actually not a thing, unfortunately ", she said. There was no official word from Disney and Marvel about the situation, nor about the Moon Knight rumors. Until there is confirmation from the studio itself, it's all just speculation.
Until we know more, check out the Moon Knight collection from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

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