Not even Thanksgiving turkey is safe from Patrick Mahomes' love of ketchup

Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes is known to have a taste for ketchup that goes beyond the limits of good taste.
America wondered when it became known that he was putting this stuff on his steak. It gasped as he said he was putting it on his macaroni and cheese too. It could only nod in agreement when he received a very natural endorsement at Hunt's Ketchup.
Now Mahomes' love of ketchup has reached a new frontier. This Thanksgiving Day, and apparently many previous Thanksgiving Holidays, a drop of the processed tomato, vinegar, and sugar mud goes straight to the quarterback's turkey.
Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on his Thanksgiving turkey, and we really shouldn't be surprised at this point. (AP Photo / Orlin Wagner)
Is nothing sacred, Patrick Mahomes?
While speaking with KCSP 610 Sports Radio about his Thanksgiving plans, Mahomes was asked by one of the hosts if he was putting ketchup on Turkey. Mahomes openly admitted it and said he would put it on his ham for good measure too:
"Yeah, dude, I mean come on," said Mahomes. "You have to put ketchup on top, turkey and ham."
Just to be sure, the host pressed Mahomes to see if he was joking. The former MVP confirmed that he meant business:
"Oh yes, come on, you know me better than that."
So there you have it. Forget the sauce, forget the filling; It's ketchup that Mahomes will mix with his Thanksgiving turkey. There is obviously no meat that is safe from Mahome's endless bottle of Hunt ketchup.
Mahomes also said his Thanksgiving dinner will be a secluded affair for COVID-19 concerns, just with his brother and pregnant fiancé. While ketchup is apparently on the table, there is one Thanksgiving staple that Mahomes won't be a part of: cranberry sauce.
"No, no, this is not for me ... you can do it as you want.
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