Not even LaVar Ball's own son thinks he can take Michael Jordan in 1-on-1

LaMelo Ball was drafted to third overall by the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, and it wasn't long before people remembered what the point guard's father said about the team's owner a few years ago.
"In my prime, I would kill Michael Jordan one on one," LaVar Ball said in 2017 when LaMelo was in sophomore year and his older brother Lonzo starred at UCLA.
At the time, this boast sparked a lot of ridicule on the internet, talk show opinions, and research into Ball's basketball career. It also retracted a shot from Jordan himself who - in all likelihood correct - said he didn't think Ball could hit him if he were one-legged.
Now that Ball is playing for Jordan's own team, the subject was inevitable, especially after LaVar repeated his challenge to the Hall of Famer at his son's draft party.
LaMelo Ball laughs at LaVar's Michael Jordan challenge
The "debate" between LaVar Ball and Michael Jordan has somehow found new life. (AP Photo / Liusjenas Kulbis)
At his introductory press conference on Friday, Ball spoke to reporters and was asked if he would like to see the single game and who he is taking.
Ball carefully avoided choosing either side.
"I don't think it's going to happen and I think we know how it would turn out, to be honest," Ball said with a smile. "Well I mean it's my Pops and my boss so I'm on both sides now."
Mark "Diplomacy" as another strength on Ball's Scouting Report.
Of course, it is not difficult to guess which well-known outcome Ball is alluding to. In one corner stands a six-time NBA champion who is probably the most competitive person and who can apparently still beat his own players in singles. In the other is LaVar Ball.
LaVar Ball's children have long laughed at their father's habit of making ridiculous claims, and we can probably expect this to continue when Ball's career begins in Charlotte.
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