New York Times Breaks Tradition By Demanding We “End Our National Crisis” & Vote Trump Out

The New York Times has long been recognized as an authority in the world of journalism. Over the years, the newspaper has sought to establish itself as neutral, despite having been at the center of controversy frequently for giving members of alt-right platforms, and published a statement from Senator Tom Cotton urging Trump to do the Military against Black Lives Matter protesters. This gave even more cause for concern than Trump actually brought in the troops. But after trying to get "both sides" to vote, the editors broke tradition and drafted a special statement on Trump less than three weeks before the election.
In a comment titled "End Our National Crisis," published today by the New York Times editorial staff, the publisher opposes the re-election of Donald Trump, stating that the potential of Trump's victory is "the greatest threat to "represents American democracy since World War II. "
"Mr. Trump's ruinous tenure has already badly damaged the US at home and around the world. He has abused the power of his office and denied the legitimacy of his political opponents, thereby destroying the norms that have held the nation together for generations. He has." the public interest is subordinated to the profitability of his business and political interests. He has shown a staggering disregard for the life and freedoms of Americans. He is a man unworthy of office, "the statement reads. It also refers to his Previous coverage of its divisive rhetoric, racism and xenophobia. "Nov 3 may be a turning point. This is a choice about the future of the country and which path its citizens want to choose."
While deviating from previous practices, extraordinary times require extraordinary action, and it is clear that there is no room for a paper as influential as the Times to do other than take a strong stance against fascism. In the statement, the editors note the extreme end of the situation, citing Trump's refusal to allow a peaceful transfer of power - something no modern predecessor has refused to commit to. In addition to the portrayal of corruption in the administration, the editors agreed that this plea was necessary because the country cannot realistically survive another four years of a Trump presidency.
The Times admits that other presidents - like Nixon, Reagan and Bush - have also done harm, but the statement says Trump "surpassed decades of president's wrongdoing in a single term". In addition to the editorial, there is an entire section devoted to essays and evidence pointing to Trump's negligence towards public health during the coronavirus pandemic, his celebrations on violence, his lack of action against climate change, and more.
In response, disgruntled Republicans have cited the president's favorite phrase, "The Failing New York Times," calling him biased. Other responses on the internet range from shock to such a definitive push against Trump to hypocrisy calls pointing to the newspaper's constant coverage of Hillary Clinton's email scandal.
"I really want the NYT editorial staff to use the news site for their contributions to making this presidency a reality," tweeted activist and writer Chanda Prescot-Weinstein. While many are dissatisfied with the newspaper's previous coverage, a former congressional candidate, Kyle Tisdel, praised the play, saying, “Many of us have become deaf to the daily onslaught of lies, corruption and insolence. This article can serve as a reminder. Poll. But let's also do what we can to motivate our family, friends, and neighbors to reclaim our nation from this demagoguery. "
While Trump will certainly oppose the Op-Ed's statement that he is a "racist demagogue" and calls it all false news, Trump is not the audience the editors want to draw attention to: this became clear to the millions of People written that could still make a difference - a hope that journalism still has an impact on voters who can save the country and a reminder that damage can still be undone.
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